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Job loss and fatal traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Those who find themselves out of work face many different challenges, whether they are overwhelmed with financial problems due to missing work or they cannot sleep at night because they are worried about their career. All of these hardships cause some people to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, while others become very fatigued or stressed out.

There are a number of factors to consider with regard to job loss and the likelihood of a deadly accident. Many Americans have found themselves out of work and if you recently lost your position you need to focus on road safety and accident prevention.

The loss of one’s job and the risk of a fatal crash

According to a study that was published on the National Library of Medicine’s website, unemployment can impact the likelihood of fatal traffic collisions in different ways. On the one hand, some of those who are out of work are more likely to become involved in a deadly traffic collision, while others are less likely to find themselves in a fatal crash. For example, if someone who has lost their job continues to spend the same amount of time behind the wheel, they are more likely to find themselves in a deadly accident. Stress, increased drinking and a loss of focus contribute to the risk of a fatal accident.

However, there is a connection between unemployment and a lower likelihood of fatal motor vehicle crashes. Often, when people find themselves out of work, they spend less time on the road and are less likely to become involved in a deadly accident.

Losing a job and preventing an accident

If your position was recently cut, you need to take steps to decrease the likelihood of a crash. Avoid driving while fatigued, intoxicated or overly stressed out, and focus on your mental health.

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