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McCracken County crash injures six people

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Car Accidents |

An interesting dilemma may exist when people in Kentucky suffer injuries stemming from car accidents in which they were passengers. In most cases, those traveling as a passenger in a vehicle know the driver, and having a personal relationship may dissuade one from seeking legal action against another. However, the debilitating nature of a car accident injury may leave one with little choice but to seek compensation. 

Some might argue that an adult who agrees to travel as a passenger in a vehicle automatically assumes the risks that can accompany such a decision. That may not, however, absolve a driver of any liability that may arise from any blatantly negligent and reckless actions. 

Multiple people injured in drunk driving accident

The arrest of a Benton man by authorities following a single-car accident in McCracken County may serve to illustrate this point. Per the local NBC affiliate, the charges he now faces (which include driving under the influence) stem from an incident in which he drove his truck through a barricade meant to alert drivers of a road closure. The vehicle continued until it fell over 50 feet down an embankment, eventually landing upside down. In all, six people suffered injuries in the accident. Reports described one of the passenger’s injuries as being incapacitating. 

Seeking compensation in concert with a criminal trial

When a driver’s alleged recklessness extends to the degree described in this case, it may come as little surprise to hear that they face criminal charges. Yet the presence of a criminal investigation may deter people from seeking civil action in the same matter. It should not, as both cases can occur simultaneously. Yet there may be additional complexities to deal with, which may make working with an experienced attorney during such a matter even more beneficial. 

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