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Jury Verdicts: Experienced Trial Lawyers

Most cases handled by The Hay & Knight, PLLC are settled. But when the at-fault party or its insurance company will not pay a fair settlement, the attorneys at the Hay & Knight, PLLC are true trial attorneys and are not afraid to go to trial.

Richard Hay has tried over fifty jury trials – the vast majority being winning jury verdicts for his clients. Richard Hay is one of the few attorneys in Kentucky having multiple million dollar verdicts.

  1. Medical malpractice verdict in Wayne County, Kentucky in 1992.
  2. Tractor trailer negligence verdict in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1993.
  3. Defective product (electrical equipment) verdict in Carter County, Kentucky in 1995.
  4. Defective product (weak door latch system in a pickup truck) verdict in Federal Court in London, Kentucky in 1997.
  5. Medical malpractice verdict in Daviess County, Kentucky in 1997.
  6. Defective product (lawnmower) verdict in Laurel County, Kentucky in 2005.
  7. Medical malpractice verdict in Whitley County, Kentucky in 2005.
  8. Medical malpractice verdict in Lawrence County, Kentucky in 2011.
  9. Defective product (improperly designed seatbelt and seat) in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 2011.

For experience trial lawyers, contact The Hay & Knight, PLLC in Somerset, Kentucky. You can also call us at 606-679-2214.

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