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After An Accident, Time Is Of The Essence

Accidents are incredibly jarring and stressful. Even a relatively minor one can create panic and disorder. That feeling can carryover into the days after. It can become easy to rely on your insurance company to get you the best deal possible, even if that’s rarely the case.

At Hay & Knight, PLLC, we understand that approach. But we also know it’s rarely the right one. From our Somerset office, we help clients across the state of Kentucky recover fair and just compensation after a serious motor vehicle accident.

What We Can Do To Help With Your Personal Injury Case

We begin by acting quickly. After an accident, things move fast. We don’t let evidence disappear. Where necessary, we try to obtain maintenance records and cellphone records. If you’ve been in an accident with a truck, we obtain the drivers’ log and other documents, which companies aren’t obligated to keep unless we step in.

We work with you to find out more about your insurance coverage. We want to find out if you’re being treated fairly, or if the company is simply trying to settle things quickly and easily.

From there, we work with a team of professionals to determine if there is anybody who is liable for your accident. In any case, we work toward getting you compensation for lost wages and medical bills. We try to get your vehicle fixed or replaced, and work to get a replacement or rental car in the meantime, so you’re not deprived of essential transport.

Most importantly, we try to provide a peace of mind, including financially. Our lawyers know that the expenses can mount up quickly. That’s why we work to get you the reimbursement and compensation you need.

Call To See If We Can Help — There’s No Fee Unless We Win

We do not charge our clients any attorney’s fees or any other legal expenses unless we recover compensation. Contact our Somerset office today by calling 606-263-1695 or through the online form.

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