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Holding Companies Responsible For Dangerous And Defective Products

The designers and manufacturers of automobiles, machinery, and other products — even everyday household appliances — have safety requirements they must follow before their products are sold to the public. Whenever a product is defectively designed or improperly functioning, the manufacturer should be held accountable for any injury or death that results.

At Hay & Knight, PLLC we have been helping clients recover significant verdicts and settlements for serious injuries and fatalities caused by dangerous products since 1982. We represent individuals and families locally near our office in Somerset and are available for very serious cases throughout Kentucky.

“I am particularly passionate about product liability work because this is a way for juries to make the world we live in safer.” — Richard Hay, Principal Attorney

A Long History Of Fighting Big Companies To Win

In the three-plus decades that we have been in business, we have won many million-dollar verdicts for our clients — some of these against major companies. Not all law firms have the resources or skills to pursue product liability claims against automakers and other large corporations, backed by their teams of attorneys.

Richard Hay is a Certified Trial Specialist and Past President of the Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys. He and his daughter, experienced lawyer Sarah Hay Knight, have extensive experience negotiating settlements and winning jury verdicts in complicated personal injury and wrongful death cases.

We intentionally keep our caseload very small in order to provide truly dedicated and focused legal representation and client service to those suffering because of very serious injuries or wrongful deaths.

We advance all legal expenses for our clients, and this can include the costs of hiring engineers, accident reconstruction specialists and other field specialists to help us build the strongest possible cases. We do not charge our clients any fees unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for them.

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