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We Hold Automakers Accountable

Car wrecks are often made far worse — or even caused — by motor vehicle defects. While things like steering wheel or brake defects can result in terrible crashes, defective air bags, door latches and seat belts can lead to major injuries in even minor collisions.

Automakers are required to abide by strict regulations regarding the design, manufacture, and safety of their products in order to prevent such tragedies, and we hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

The Hay & Knight, PLLC in Somerset represents victims of auto defects throughout the state of Kentucky. We offer our services in very serious cases across the state. Since 1982, we have achieved hundreds of settlements and jury verdicts for our clients, the victims of serious injuries and their families.

After a car accident involving a defective auto part, it is important to retain your vehicle to ensure evidence is preserved. Call us at 606-263-1695 before letting your vehicle be towed away by the insurance company.

Putting In The Time And Resources It Takes To Get Results

Our lawyers successfully handle auto defects claims by dedicating the extensive time and resources it takes to build strong cases. In many cases, we bring in specialists in various fields to help build the strongest possible cases for our clients, advancing all costs so you pay no fees unless we win.

Because of the significant and dedicated efforts we put into securing full and fair compensation for our clients, we accept only a small volume of cases. This allows us to focus completely on getting the best possible results and verdicts.

We have successfully handled auto defects cases against some of the largest automakers in the country. We are currently offering free case reviews regarding the following dangerous auto parts, among others:

  • Defective air bags and seat belts
  • Door latch failure
  • Seat back failure
  • Roof structures that collapse in SUV rollovers and other accidents
  • Defective fuel systems, cases involving fires

Successful claims against automakers and parts manufacturers result in compensation for victims and their families as well as safer vehicles on our roads. This is why we are so passionate about this area of law at the Hay & Knight, PLLC.

Contact Us Today For A Free Case Review

We encourage you to contact us today for a free initial consultation. Call 606-263-1695 or submit this form to reach our office in Somerset. This is your opportunity to discuss your concerns with an attorney and learn whether we believe your case stands a good chance for recovery of damages and compensation.

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