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Offering Skilled Legal Counsel To Victims Of Electrical Injuries

Due to the extreme risk of danger posed by electricity, those responsible for operating, maintaining and inspecting electrical lines and equipment are held to the highest degree of care. Electricity is capable of causing horrific, disfiguring and often deadly injuries. We are dedicated to handling cases involving electrical injuries competently and compassionately.

Our firm specializes in helping those who sustain injury or death as a result of an electrical accident. The personal injury attorneys at the Hay & Knight, PLLC have been handling electrical cases since the establishment of our firm in 1981. We are well-versed on electrical codes and regulations, and we have the resources to handle these complex cases. Whether you were injured near our office in Somerset or elsewhere in the state of Kentucky, our lawyers can help.

We are aggressive in our pursuit of compensation for electrical injuries you or a family member suffered. We have obtained many successful settlements and verdicts in these and other cases for our clients, including many jury verdicts in excess of one million dollars, and we can help you. Contact the Hay & Knight, PLLC now for a free confidential consultation. You can also call us at 606-263-1695.

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